The Council

The Council is made up of a mayor or mayor's designee from each entity within the boundries of Region 4, as well as a County Commission representative from each county and private sector members from around the Region.

The Executive Committee is comprised of a representative from each County Commission and the Mayor of the largest municipality in each member county in addition to private sector representation.


Meetings are typically scheduled for the third Wednesday of March, June and September as well as in conjunction with full council meetings in April, July, and October.


Executive Committee


Chairman:                                      William "Bill" Beard, County Commission

                                                          Pocahontas County

Vice-Chairman:                             Sam Felton, Mayor

                                                         Town of Marlinton

Secretary:                                      Lyle Neal, County Commission

                                                        Nicholas County       


Treasurer:                                      Anna Carpenter, County Commission

                                                                  Webster County


          Don McCourt                                 Mayor, Town of Addison   

          Robert Shafer                                Mayor, City of Summersville

          John Manchester                          Mayor, City of Lewisburg

         Denise Scalph                                 Fayette County Commission 

         Lowell Rose                                    Greenbrier County Commission

        William "Bill" Hannabass            Mayor Designee, City of Oak Hill

        Paul Baker                                       Private Sector, Fayette County


 Full Council




         Kalispel "Bibby" Holcomb              Mayor, Town of Ansted

         Dennis Hanson                                 Mayor, Town of Fayetteville

         Jonathan Grose                                 Mayor, Town of Gauley Bridge

         Bonnie Hicks                                     Mayor, Town of Meadow Bridge

         Greg Ingram                                     Mayor, City of Montgomery

         Michael Kessinger                           Mayor, City of Mount Hope

         William Hannabass                        Mayor’s Designee, City of Oak Hill

         William Hughes                              Mayor, Town of Pax

         D. Anne Cavalier                             Mayor, City of Smithers

         Melanie Dragan                              Mayor, Town of Thurmond




          Travis Copenhaver                       Mayor, Town of Alderson

          Patrick Roberts                             Mayor, Town of Renick (Falling Springs)

          John Manchester                           Mayor, City of Lewisburg

          Linda Sizemore                             Mayor, Town of Quinwood

          Andrea Pendleton                         Mayor, Town of Rainelle

          David Smith                                  Mayor, City of Ronceverte

          Jim Nichols                                   Mayor, Town of Rupert

          Bruce Bowling                             Mayor, City of White Sulphur Springs




          Chris Drennen                               Mayor, City of Richwood

          Robert Shafer                                 Mayor, City of Summersville




          Kyle Lehman                                  Mayor, Town of Durbin

          Anne Walker                                  Mayor, Town of Hillsboro

          Sam Felton                                    Mayor, Town of Marlinton




          Don McCourt                                 Mayor, Town of Webster Springs (Addision)

          Lisa Prather Cutlip                       Mayor, Town of Camden on Gauley

          Paula Carpenter                           Mayor, Town of Cowen


          County Commissions


          Denise Scalph                               Fayette County Commission

          Lowell Rose                                  Greenbrier County Commission

          Lyle Neal                                       Nicholas County Commission

          Walt Helmick                               Pocahontas County Commission 

          Anna Carpenter                           Webster County Commission


Private Sector




          Paul Baker                                           

          Dr. Beverly Jo Harris                         





          Girlonzo Scott                             

           Clifford Gillian

           Randy Pendleton

           Doug Goodwin

           Jim Campbell




          Burl O'Dell

          Karen Mullens

          Patty Neff

          Judy Olsen




          Joel Callison                               

          Sue Helton                                  

           Joe Smith



           Geary Weir                                   

           Sue Talbott                                

The below map shows the Towns and Cities located within the Region 4 Planning and Development Council boundary. Feel free to click on any point (blue dot, star, or pin) to view additional information.